Welcome to Asmildkloster Academy of Agricultural Business.

Asmildkloster Academy of Agricultural Business, is founded 30. oct. 1908 and located in Viborg in central Jutland – Today Asmildkloster yearly is graduating 100 skilled farmers, and 425 students are on their way. Today a modern international college for further agricultural education, supported by the Danish ministry of education, with proud traditions and a historical atmosphere.

For Danish students the vertical range of agricultural education has for more than 110 years been represented. From the basic farm-assistant to Skilled farmer and to the unique management education only conducted at 7 academies in Denmark. The farm assistant can undertake most daily operations, work independently and consider all aspects of work safety, maintenance, first aid etc.

The skilled farmer, equal to other vocational educations proves professional workmanship within the branch. He/she can manage a diverse farm operation and all aspects of production management, like optimizing resources feeding plans, gross margins and technology in and on farm.

The Agro-economist post graduates are employed by a wide range of agribusinesses, from production level to processing, export, sales and marketing, genetics, advisory extension service, education, research and of course within the financial sector.

International efforts – Asmildkloster agricultural school

International cooperation must be a strategic tool for innovation and development in education, as well as the competence development of Asmildkloster’s organization and employees through mutual and beneficial cooperation with international collaborators.

International cooperation must reflect Asmildklosterøs areas of work, which are vocational education and training in agriculture and related education. Including the various inputs EUD, EUX, EUV, Students, as well as Agricultural Leadership.

Asmildkloster Agricultural School will thus:

  • Engage in dialogue with international collaborators and through mutual exchange of experience and knowledge create innovation and develop a high level of professionalism in all disciplines
  • Strive to be internationally recognized in our areas of work and learn from the best in the world and have the courage to stand out through new and innovative initiatives – also internationally

Asmildkloster Agricultural School will:

  • Strengthen development and growth in Danish agriculture through international cooperation
  • Through international work ensure development og high competencies for all the school’s employees
  • Contribute to the acquisition of acquired competencies for learning for the school’s employees, students and companies with interests in agricultural education
  • Strengthen interpersonal understanding through cross-border cooperation

Ongoing efforts:

  • Engagement in the organisation EUROPEA
  • Sending employees on international exchange supported by ERASMUS +
  • International practice for agricultural students through, for example; Travel2Farm
  • Establishment of project organization for work with national and international activities
  • Development of internationally oriented programs

Erasmus accreditation from march 2021 to december 2027

We are thankful to be part of Erasmus+. With our accreditation we;

  • have easy access to continuously apply for grants for mobility activities, and we do not have to write detailed plans and activities every time.
  • gives us the opportunity to try new things: a new type of activity, a new partner organization – all without having to write another complete application.
  • with easy and ongoing access to grants, we can focus on our long-term goals and use mobility activities to gradually raise the quality of youth work in our organization to a new level.

Asmildkloster Agricultural School’s international efforts are inspired by the Central Denmark Region’s international engagement and vision.

Welcome to a Danish UNESCO-ASP

The Danish UNESCO-ASP (Associated Schools Project) network is part of the International UNESCO ASP Network, which presently includes 11,500 schools and educational institutions in 182 countries.

International cooperation through EUROPEA

EUROPEA-Denmark represents EUROPEA in Denmark and Denmark in EUROPEA. The Danish association encompass 19 schools in Denmark that offers vocational and technical educational programs to the green sector of the economy. That is programs within farming and farm management, horticulture and gardening, landscaping, forestry, floristry, equine, animal care, etc.


Denmark is a small, wealthy, homogeneous and very organized society in the Northern outskirts of Europe. The Danes are few: only about 5.5 million. They are strong supporters of moderation and modesty. Danes are proud of their Viking past, of their Queen and of their language, which they consider impossible to speak for all others than themselves. Plenty of details about Denmark and the Danes are available on the national website: www.denmark.dk

The green sector

There are app. 35.000 farms in Denmark including 15.000 full-time operations. The farmland amounts to 2.7 million hectares or close to 65 % of the territory. Main products are pork, beef, dairy, poultry, fur and seed. The green sector produces food enough for 15 million people – of which 2/3’s are exported to Europe, USA, Japan, the Middle East and China. Read more about Danish farming and food production here: http://www.agricultureandfood.dk/

Danish education system

In general, Danes are very proud of their educational system, which focus on not only knowledge and skills, but also stresses key competences such as democratic citizenship, social responsibility, creativity and independent reflection. Education in Denmark is free for all. Students are supported through government grants, and apprentices are paid a salary by their employers during school periods and when in practical placement. Find a general introduction to Danish education here: http://eng.uvm.dk/

School contact is Mrs. Susanne Joel

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We are proud to take part in this project together with partners in Italy, Spain and Slovenia.

The project will begin in September 2018.

Project link: https://sustainablecommunity1820.wordpress.com/

Project responsible:

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We are proud to take part in this project together with partners in Turkey, Italy, Portugal, Greece and Spain.

The project will begin in September 2017. Completed june 2019.

The main topics are:

  • Cultural awareness
  • Our historical roots
  • Cultural heritage / The remains of the past
  • European Citizenship
  • Racism

Project responsible:

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UNESCO has selected Viborg Municipality, Denmark, to join the exclusive network of Creative Cities in the category “Media Arts”.

“Du er velkommen til at booke en samtale hvor vi sammen med dig afklarer mulighederne og spørgsmål – så du har det bedste grundlag for at træffe en beslutning om uddannelse og din fremtid.